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The following research fields are targeted in our department:
(1) Material design: new materials are designed from the atomic and nano level.
(2) Material processing: new manufacturing methods are created from the atomic and nano level.
(3) Core industry materials: new materials and manufacturing methods for basic industrial fields are created for human society.
(4) Energy and environmental materials: new materials that will innovate in the energy and environmental fields are explored.

Core Laboratories

Energy and Environmental Materials Laboratory

Professor: Kaname Matsumoto
Associate Professor: Tomoya Horide
Assistant Professor: Alok Kumar Jha

Superconductivity, Thin film, Flux pinning, Nanostructure, Crystal growth, Nanocomposite materials, Condensed matter physics,

Industrial Forming Mechanics Laboratory

Professor: Tetsuya Akiyama
Associate Professor: Takanori Kitamura

Laser forming, Geodesic line in-plane strain method, Thermal elastic plasticity,Welding, Joining, Resistance spot welding,

Nanostructure Characterization Laboratory

Professor: Manabu Ishimaru

Structure analysis, Transmission electron microscopy, Molecular-dynamics simulation, Radiation effect, Amorphous,

Extractive and Recycling Metallurgy Laboratory

Associate Professor: Tomio Takasu
Assistant Professor: Hideyuki Itou

Material recycle, Metallurgy, Metal refining, Pyrometallurgical process, Nonferrous metals,

Corrosion and Environmental Degradation Laboratory

Associate Professor: Kenichi Yokoyama

Corrosion, Hydrogen embrittlement, Fracture, Mechanical properties,

Welding, surface modification, high temperature materials Laboratory

Associate Professor: Tomiko Yamaguchi

Laser welding, Surface modification, High temperature materials, Dissimilar metal joining,

Phase Transition Laboratory

Associate Professor: Yoichi Horibe

Phase transition, Crystal structure, Domain structure, Transmission electron microscopy,

Crystalline Microstructure Control Lab

Associate Professor: Tatsuya Tokunaga

Phase equilibria, Phase transformation, CALPHAD, Materials processing, Thermal spray, Solidification

Affiliated Laboratories

Ceramic Material Design Laboratory

Professor: Toshiki Miyazaki
Affiliation: Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering

Ceramic biomaterials, Metal implants, Organic-inorganic hybrids, Surface modification,

Materials Analysis and Evaluation Laboratory

Associate Professor: Fumitaka Otsubo
Affiliation: Center for Instrumental Analysis

Solidification engineering, Thermal spray coating, Surface modification, Cladding,

Frontier Materials Laboratory

Associate Professor: Satoshi Iikubo
Affiliation: Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering

First-principles calculation, Phase diagram, Hydrogen diffusion, Solid electrolyte,

Micro-Technology Laboratory

Visiting Professor: Iwao Sasaki
Affiliation: Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering

Functional thin films, Sputtering (physical vapor deposition), Solid lubrication, Magnetic material,

High-Pressure Physics Laboratory

Professor: Masaki Mito
Affiliation: Department of Basic Science

High-pressure physics, Superconductivity, Magnetism, Chiral magnets,

Material Interface Laboratory

Associate Professor: Satoshi Motozuka

Interface, Mechanochemical reaction, Texture, soft magnetic material, powder

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
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