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Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Kyutech. Materials Science and Engineering is one of the core fields associated with materials such as steels, alloys, semiconductors, ceramics, and composites. We investigate the relationship between material properties and their atomic and/or nanoscopic structures, and design new materials. We also conduct applied research of processing, bonding, recycling, and so forth, for industrial importance. Our goal is to contribute to solutions for global issues such as environmental problems, through application of materials.

Our department, formerly the Department of Metallurgy, is one of the most traditional departments in Kyushu Institute of Technology since it was established in 1907 as the private Meiji College. Thereafter we have provided many talented people in various fields. Recently, we also focus on cultivating global scientists and technicians with international minds.

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Kyushu Institute of Technology (Tobata Campus)
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