International Student Workshop
on Materials Science and Engineering 2021
(ISWMSE 2021)
December 20-21, 2021


Best oral presentation award

IIIB5Bo-Syuan Hung (NTUST)“Fabrication of Fiber Electrodes by Electrospinning and Their Applications for Smart Clothing”

Oral presentation award

IA3Ji Un Park (CWNU)“Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructure Evolution and the Mechanical Properties of Inconel 740H Superalloy”
IA4Tatsuya Myoga (KIT)“Effect of hydrogen charging in fcc Fe investigated by first-principles calculation”
IA7Kento Higashi (KIT)“Effects of pulse laser frequency and oxygen annealing on nanostructures of Ba2LuNbO6-doped YBa2Cu3O7-y thin films”
IB6Tien-Shin Chen (NTUST)“Trimetallic Thin Film prepared by RF sputter for Overall Water Splitting in Alkaline Solution”
IIA1Koki Ohba (KIT)“Effect of (001) Fiber Texture in Iron Powder on Magnetic Properties of Soft Magnetic Composite”
IIA6Seonghyo Ham (CWNU)“Solidification microstructure evolution with directional solidification and AM in IN625 alloy”
IIA7Cheng-You Tsai (NTUST)“Interfacial engineering for triboelectric nanogenerators and their application in self-powered formaldehyde sensors”
IIB2Ting Wei Wu (NTUST)“Preparation of novel freeze dried collagen, barium titanate and β-tricalcium phosphate for dental filler composites”
IIB4Denny Hartanto (ITS)“Shape memory polyurethane foam as candidate materials embolization endovascular aneurysm”
IIIA3Naoki Matsumoto (KIT)“Thermodynamic calculation of phase equilibria in the Al-Fe-Zn-O quaternary system”
IIIA5Sin-Yi Chen (NTUST)“Using Calculation Method to Predict the Formation Zone and Mechanical Properties of the Al-Co-Fe-Ni-Ti Lightweight High Entropy Alloy”
IIIA7Bohye Jeon (CWNU)“Application and verification of polycrystalline finite element analysis model for prediction of mechanical behavior during mini V-bending of magnesium alloy”
IIIA9Rizaldo Rizky Himawansah (ITS)“Investment Casting Simulation of ASTM F75 Artificial Hip Prosthesis with Shell Thickness and Gating System Geometry Variation”
IIIB3Daisuke Kawano (KIT)“Evaluation of Tensile Strength on Resistance Spot Welded L-type Joints with Different Arm Length”
IIIB4Erika Satriana (ITS)“Study Of Performance And Fatigue Properties Of Silicone Rubber/ Poly(Vinyl) Alcohol/Zro2 Materials As Candidate For Nucleus Pulposus Replacement Material”