International Student Workshop
on Materials Science and Engineering 2022
(ISWMSE 2022)
December 7-8, 2022


We hold this joint workshop on materials science and engineering. The purpose of this workshop is offering an opportunity of sharing scientific and technological knowledges, education of students, and international collaboration between participating professors and students.

Materials science and engineering has opened new scientific fields in fundamental researches, and also has significant roles in technologies. Innovation in materials promises to advance the science and technologies. Each university and institution is performing active researches on materials science and engineering, and has strong research areas. Our understanding of materials will be deepened by sharing these knowledges. This workshop may also offer an opportunity to start a new co-research.

There are many international conferences on materials science and engineering. It may be difficult for some students to participate in such conferences, and the workshop for educating students are limited. In this workshop, many students present their results, and some of the students join the workshop organization.

International collaboration of professors and international interaction between students are required. International collaboration partners on the department level are very important for the international activity, and the joint workshop deepens the partnership between the departments as well as individual professors and students.

We expect active discussions and interaction between participating students and professors. In future, we expect not only to keep this international collaboration platform but also to expand the collaboration partner to other universities and institutions.


Material Processing, Material Function, Material Property, Material Structure, Material Characterization, Material Application, Material Physics, Material Chemistry, Material Design, Energy Material, Electronic Material, Bio Material, Nanomaterial, Structural Material, Advanced Material and Novel Material, Any Other Topics on Materials Science and Engineering


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